Are you struggling to get your ideas off the ground?

With decades of experience from online/offline sales and after having launched my own brand of natural supplement brand, Tahoor, I have come a long way in seeing what will work and what will require adjustments.

I am also a Platinum Seller for a major chinese gadget store, have been able to generate upto 1500 USD every 24 hours from Google Adsense, and a few other fun projects I have been a part of.

Keep on reading if you want to "pick my brain" and learn something along the way!

Here is just a small summary of my previous roles:-

  • Sales adviser for British Gas (UK)
  • Web Designer for Dotmusic (Yahoo) (UK)
  • Senior Designer for MSB Internationl PLC (UK)
  • Radio Host for CrazeFM and 99.3 FM
  • Project Manager for CoTech Norway (NO)
  • Interactive Project Manager for NTB (NO)
  • Webmaster & Product Manager for Aller Media (NO)
  • Head of Marketing for Tahoor Brand (NO)


Tahoor Store - The Brand

In around 2015 I launched a brand called Tahoor. It started off with a jar of honey, presented to me by my wife, and has now become a line of dozens of products placed in shops around Oslo, and ordered from thousands of people around the world. Now we have honey, oils, supplements, perfumes, and tons of other amazing things.

The Invincible Seller - The eBook

This eBook was written with one thing in mind, and that was to show you different techniques as to how you can sell any product or service, without trying too hard. With over 20 years of experience from sales and marketing, both offline and online, I have tried to do justice with what I am sharing.

Ummah Fund - The Charity

I have been involved in various charity projects since almost 25 years from the time I used to do online radio shows. This connected continued and I have till now with the help of amazing donors collected millions of kroner for various projects around the world.

The Muslim Podcast - The Show

With over 10 000 hours of radio hosting under my belt, I decided to set up a show where I would be sharing business and marketing advice to the Muslim listeners around the world. It's just on a small scale, but those benefiting are in thousands.


Best teacher, best instructor and best helper who explains everything in detail. Mr. Wakas shares practical advice, strategies and skills which can be applied to the real world. Highly recommended!.

Mohammad Ayaz

I am very pleased with the advice I received from Wakas. His relevant expertise and experience made me access lot of useful information and saved me time. I'd highly recommend him for advice within sales and marketing.

Khalid Yasin

The Invincible Seller is a masterpiece of Wakas Mir, written from the lessons of his long business experience. Some important philosophy of selling may be learned from the book. The book has taken me into the customer’s mind and is highly recommended!

Sarwar T.


It was a pleasure to have Wakas as part of our team. He was very positive and helpful in dealing with our Norwegian and international clients within web monitoring. I especially appreciated his engagement and caring for both our clients and CyberWatcher.

Morten Rynning / CEO

Cyberwatcher (Norway)

I had the pleasure of working with Wakas during his role as architect at MSB International. The ideas that Wakas came up with were both innovative and coherent making my work much easier. He also managed to take what was essentially a creative role and apply a good structured approach to the design and development stages, interacting well with business and technical staff at all levels.

Paul Gregory / Lead Programmer

MSB International PLC (UK)

With Wakas there are no problems that can't be solved. He has or find a solution to everything. If it doesn't exist he creates the solution himself. If he doesn't know how it works he studies until he knows.

Christine Holmen / Sales

NTB (Norway)

I would happily recommend Wakas to anyone looking for a pragmatic Interaction Designer, who combines technical competence with a customer focus and understanding.

Anna Cosic / Commercial Director

NTB (Norway)

Wakas is very serviceminded, always on hand to help, full of knowledge and good ideas. I have never heard him say no. He always finds the solution to a challenge.

Medland Ingrid / Marketing

NTB (Norway)


I am offering a one-to-one business coaching session to anyone who wishes to get their ideas off the ground and take them where they belong, a place where they flourish and make a difference!


100 dollars an hour for an audio call right on your cellphone or pc.

This coaching session is for MALES only!